Articles (about 22,000 characters) should be sent by e-mail to the following address :

By 15.04.2019, the complete text of the paper should be sent, including the editorial requirements in the form of files in the WORD EDITOR (* .doc or * docx).


The article should contain:

  • name and surname of the author / authors with a professional title, e-mail address and affiliation
  • title of the speech / article
  • abstract in Polish and English


What should the article include

The purpose of the research, research materials and methods, basic results, conclusions and key words. It is also required to put a summary (up to 500 characters) and key words in Polish and English.

The article can be written in Polish or English.

As part of the congress, it is possible to publish papers in the following magazines:

  • Monograph “The sports market in the 21st century. Theory and Practice “in several volumes depending on the number of authors, ed. AWFiS Gdańsk –
    max. 3 co-authors, publishing sheet (at least 40,000 characters) chapter in the monograph (20 pts).
  • Baltic Journal of Health and Physical Activity – articles (11 points) only in English and after registration on the website:


Texts of papers in Polish or English – for initial verification – please send by e-mail to the e-mail address: by 15.04.2019.

ATTENTION: Remember that only articles that meet the editorial requirements of the above publications will be sent for review.